Zoom is one of the most popular video conferencing android application. This application has gained wide popularity due to massive corona outbreak. People can’t outside and respecting social distancing they are now more engaged in video calls, for which zoom has given them a great platform and amazing experience.

Recently zoom has grown wide popular and it’s a great news for the company too. But along with popularity growth, many security and privacy loops have been discovered in it too. These loop holes may provide a gateway for the hackers to break into the system and get root access.

But, Zoom has committed for providing secure environment to its users and repesct their privacy, so to do that they are bringing some security updates in the latest ZOOM 5.0.

Zoom is boosting its security and privacy with these following updates.

Zoom 5.0

1.AES 256-bit GCM encryption

In this update, zoom is going with AES 256-bit GCM encryption. This end to end encryption will provide the increased security to your data. This encryption will come in effect once all the accounts will have been enabled with GCM. This will be competed by May 30.

2.Security Icon

Till now zoom’s security features could be accessed through the meeting menu. But with the update they will be grouped together and could be accessed by clicking the Security icon in the meeting menu bar on the hostā€™s interface.

3.Robust host controls

With the update, host will be able to report a user to the ZOOM via security icon incase of any vulagarities, illegal talks, and blackmailing. They could also disable the participants to rename themselves. Screen Sharing will now be default to host only, for Education costumers.

4.Password Complexity

A existing zoom feature, meeting password is now on default for most costumers.Administered account’s admin along with update get a power to define password complexity which may include alphabets, numbers and some special characters for the determination of strong password. They can also adjust the length of pin required for accessg voicemail in zoom

5.Cloud Recording of User’s Password

From now on, the passwords will be set by default to cloud recordings and as we previously discussed the passwords are required to be complex.

6.Contact Sharing between secured accounts

The updated zoom will now support new data structures for larger organizations. It will allow them to link the multiple accounts. This will allow people to search and find meetings, chat and phone contacts more securely.

7.Enhanced Dashboard Performance

Zoom dashborard allows the admins on business, enterprise and education plans to view how their meetings are connecting to Zoom data center. Furthermore it involves any data centers that have been connected to HTTP Tunnel servers including the ZOOM Conference Room Connectors and gateways.

8.Waiting Room

The feature of waiting room already exits in the available version of Zoom. Thi feature allows the host to keep some people in a individual virtual waiting room before they are actually permitted to enter the meeting. It in now on by default for education, basics and single lisence premium accounts. Hostsay also turn on the Waiting Room in ongoing video conference.

9.Additional Updates

  • From now the users may opt to have their Zoom Chat notifications not to show on snippet of their chat.
  • Non-PMI meetings from now will have 11-digits IDs for better password complexity which will result better encryption
  • During the time of Zoom meeting, the meeting ID and Invite option need to be moved from main Zoom interface to the participants menu. This will prevent the accidental sharing of users meeting ID.



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