Xiaomi has always represented itself as one of the most affordable smartphone company with unique features and new upgrades as well as custom OEMs. And it is the main reason for which the company has gained global popularity in so short time.

Nowadays all the companies are going for 5G phones. Going with this trend of 5G networking, Xiaomi has launched Redmi K30 Pro and Redmi K30 Pro ZOOM. Along with them as we previously discussed Mi 10 Youth Edition will be launched officially on 27th April and this phone will also support 5G networking.

Now the leaks of two more 5G smartphones of Xiaomi are going viral in Internet. These two models have been certified by the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology of China. Till now we only have the model number but the name of these smartphones are still not revealed.Let’s have a close talk about these two models.

1. Model M2004J7AC

This model officially passed the certification on 10th April.

Model M2004J7AC

In the picture, we can see that the approval certificate number of this device is 2020-2524. The the certification shows that the device supports GSM, WCDMA and CDMA 2000. Supporting the 5G networking it comes with features of WLAN and Bluetooth terminal too.Still this certification does not reveil any kind of technical information about this model. So we need to wait until it appears in TENAA database.

2.Model M2004J7BC

Model M2004J7BC

This model passed the certification on 23rd April having the certificate number 2010-2925.

Appearance In Global Market

The appearance of following numbers in IMEI phone database indicates that these phones are more likely expected to enter the global smartphone market.

  • M2004J7AG
  • M2004J7BG

Database Analysis

The database has a number M2004J7BI. The letter “I” indicates India. So one out of these two 5G smartphones is supposed to launch in India. But it’s not compulsory as there are some exceptions too.

Model Number Analysis

The models “M2004J7AC and M2004J7BC” have the value “2004” but till now no smartphones of Xiaomi have such numerical values. But POCO F2 (M2004J11G) will be released this May soon. Following the launch of POCO F2, these smartphones will also be on their way to get introduced before the world.

My Opionion

The leaks of these two 5G smartphones somehow point toward Mi CC10 and Mi CC10 Pro series. A famous Leakster Xiaomishka on twitter has also hinted towards the launch of Mi CC 10 and Mi CC10 Pro soon. The Chinese company will introduce it soon in the future itself in upcoming months.


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