A recent article on a popular UK based newspaper Forbes warned the users about the privacy policy of the Xiaomi, a Chinese tech giant. The article criticizes Xiaomi for recording millions of people’s private web and phone data. It also attributed Xiaomi of passing the users’ data through a weakly encrypted form to the Alibaba servers which can be easily decrypted.

In response to the article on Forbes published on April 30, Xiaomi has published long evidence and statement regarding the issue. According to Xiaomi, there was a misinterpretation of the process for browser data collection and storage. On the official blog post from Xiaomi, they have made clear that user’s privacy and internet security is their top priority.

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Xiaomi also stated that Xiaomi received from widely acclaimed international third-party companies and organizations – TrustArc and British Standard Institution (BSI) – which have certified the security and privacy policy of Xiaomi smartphone and its default apps, including Mi Browser.

Xiaomi has clarified the data collection procedure of the web browser and its default apps. Moreover, Xiaomi also shared the screenshots of how the randomly unique token codes create to append the usage statistics.

Privacy Policy of Xiaomi, User statistics append token
A screenshot shows how Xiaomi appends Unique Token ID for collecting User Statistics

The screenshot images show the data collection procedure under incognitive mode.

They also state the fact that the usage data statistics are transferred with HTTPS protocol of TLS 1.2 encryption.

Xiaomi also added they are awarded different certificates like ISO 27001, ISO 27018, ISO29151, and TRUSTe. ISO 27001 is an international certification standard for information security management systems. ISO 27018 is an international code of conduct that focuses on personal data protection on the cloud. ISO/IEC 29151:2017 is an internationally recognized guide for personal identity information protection. TrustTe enterprise privacy certification standards have combined the privacy compliance requirements of countries.

They clarification shows that Xiaomi has complete protection of users’ personal data. Xiaomi Corporation also guarantees users privacy protection. They have established a complete privacy compliance system and obtained internationally recognized privacy data protection capabilities.


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