Xiaomi Nepal is constantly improving its product portfolio in the Nepalese market. Apart from the Smartphone market, Xiaomi Nepal is considering in the Home ecosystem products. A large no of ecosystem products is available in the global market. Recently, new ecosystem products were launched in the global market during the Xiaomi ecosystem product launch. A few days back, a new ecosystem product was announced for the Nepalese market. Xiaomi Mi Smart Router 4C is now available in the Nepalese market.

Despite a long wait after the global debut, thanks to Xiaomi Nepal for the smart home product.

Xiaomi Router 4C: Specifications

Xiaomi Router 4C comes with four high-performance Omni-directional antennas and supports 2.4Ghz Wi-Fi network bands with a speed of 300Mbps. It also supports the 802.11n network protocol. Xiaomi claims that the 4-omnidirectional antennas with a signal gain of 5dBi ensure a faster and smarter connection experience.

Xiaomi Mi Router Nepal Launch

Xiaomi router 4C comes with MediaTek MT7628N processor on the box. The router spots 64MB DDR2 RAM, and 16MB Nor Flash ROM. The dimensions are of 195×178.9x107mm.

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Mi Wi-Fi app is compatible with Android and iOS phones. The Mi Wi-Fi app helps you view and manage router settings remotely. We can easily monitor the users and change various configurations of the routers remotely. There’s a QoS (Quality of Service) tool that helps you manage and allocate bandwidth as per requirement. Mi routers allow the flexibility to prioritize network bandwidth for each and every device connected to the network. The app also offers parental controls to manage what children can and cannot view.

Xiaomi Router 4C Settings

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Mi Router 4C allows intelligent optimization so that we can have a smoother experience playing games, watching videos or browsing the web. Similarly,

Unlike the conventional routers, Mi Router 4C can connect with up to 64 devices – up to eight times more than typical routers.

Mi Router 4C: Price in Nepal

Xiaomi Router 4C is available at a price of NPR. 2,399. It will be available through 1800+ Mi offiline stores outlets and also available online through Sastodeal.



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