Largest Internet service provider and third-largest telecom company in Nepal ie. Worldlink is celebrating its 25th anniversary. Up to now there are 2.1 million users of Worldlink. Among them 408500 houses are connected. They are also providing 10030 public wifi on different part of nepal. Around 151000 user are daily connected through there public wifi.

Not only this, 184500 subscribers are using IPTV. Network traffic utilization of world link is about 1.2 Tbps. 43% of Nepal Internet bandwidth is carried by worldlink. Worldlink’s internet covers 73 districts. Moreover, Worldlink is the highest taxpayer and largest employer in the IT field in Nepal. There are 3950 employees currently working with worldlink.

On the occasion of the 25th anniversary of WorldLink, Worldlink brings a new scheme named ” Yak Kan Deu Kan”. On this scheme referer will get 15 days extra internet connection for 3 months payments and 30 days extra internet connection for 12 months payment. This scheme will be applicable on the same time referred person makes a payment. Referer should have refer standard packages of 3 months or 12 months to be eligible for this scheme. And the most important thing is that referer must login through worldlink account to make referral.

You can refer your friends and relatives from here:

3 months and 1 year cost of different packages

Speed3 months12 months
30 Mbps450015000
40 Mbps545017500
60 Mbps645022000

WorldLink is now distributing 5G Dual band Router (worth Rs 10,000). This dual band router have 5GHz + 2.4GHz for the fast speed of internet and uninterrupted video steaming . As this router have two different bands simultaneously, the internet experience is smooth and a seamless connectivity with a 5G dual band router. This dual band router is not only for new users, existing user can also upgrade to 5G dual band router. Existing users can change existing plan to 5G plan for which user will get a 5G dual band router at Rs.3000 + VAT. For this, user need to visit nearest branch of worldlink with a old router which need to be returned.

Installation Cost with different packages

Speed5G RouterDropwireDeposit
30 Mbps5500500500
40 Mbps4500500500
60 Mbps4500500500

Happy 25th anniversary Worldlink

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