Deleting and copying

Often we get a question that why copying something in a computer system takes a large amount of time than deleting a file. Can just doing a thing such as copy, paste, delete run according to their own process or method. This is a question that a computer geek wants to know. For example, I am copying a 2 GB file then it takes a long time but if I want to delete the same it can be done within seconds.

The reason is very simple but some technical terms are needed if you want to really understand it. Some of the terms are given below:

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1.Hard disk

Hard disk

A hard is a very known or popular term. A hard disk drive, hard drive, or fixed disk is an electromechanical data storage device that uses magnetic storage to store or retrieve data. They are flat, circular plates made of aluminum or glass and coated with magnetic material.

2.Disk partition

Disk partitioning means to create one or more regions on secondary storage, which allows us to manage that region seperately.

Now coming to the point, When you delete something then it remains in the hard disk until and unless some other data takes place of it. Here, simply the name of the file disappears or delete from your computer. But when you copy something the file is copying in another place that can be of any size. A whole file is copied in another partition or at another place which is time-consuming. That’s why delete is much faster than copying. Sometimes delete can also be slow but it totally depends on the computer.

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To sum up with an example we can say that, A student has been suspended from the school then it means that the students name has been cut in the register but does it mean that the student is suspended from universe. The answer is very clear: No. Among removing the student name from the register and bearing a new children who becomes a student which takes more time. You can now easily grab the idea.


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