Internet is the interconnection of different computer networks around the world. Nowadays, many people all over the world are using the internet and the graph never goes down. We can surf different websites, watch videos, get information, communicate with each other across the internet but have you ever wondered how long or deep the internet is. Many people think that the internet is everything that they see using Google, Bing, Yahoo, YouTube, etc. Actually, the thing is what we see on the internet is just 4% which is the surface web. But many internet users are unaware of the deep web and dark web.

a. Introduction to Deep web and Dark web

Deep web which is also known as invisible web or hidden web are basically parts of World Wide Web whose contexts cannot be viewed or searched by standard search engines. A separate browser called TOR is used for maintaining anonymity and surfing deep web.

Types of web

If we also use TOR browser, then we can access some of the deep web websites. Illegal activities such as murder planning, kidnapping, trafficking, drug smuggling, etc happens in deep web. But, we can’t get access to dark web simply because they are encrypted networks. So, only a hacker or the group of criminals can get access to it.

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b. Marianas web

Now coming to Marianas web, it is more deeper, dangerous, more secret than deep web and dark web. To access Deep and Dark web you should have address of the website. But for browsing Marianas web you must have address and key to enter the website. Even after having the address and key it is very difficult to access it.

Mariana web

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It is assumed the secrets of the government, abusing, murder, physic things, pornography(very illegal), etc are in Marianas web. A light hearted person can get heart attack or extreme shock seeing the activities of the Marianas web. A Rumour is there that Illuminati( secret organization) is operated from Marianas web. Marianas web is a source of humanity and human values destruction. The activities of this web are beyond a normal human thinking.

Here is a video link of a video that was in Marianas web which is very scary:

The message which is shown in the video that contains binary is decoded as follows:

“Once you get in, you can never escape

Never,try to enter,this is where you stop.

We are not alone

There is no afterlife

Leave them alone

None of this is real

Earth is not real

Living is not real

Death is not real”

“ I am God”.

Accessing the Marianas web is even hard for brilliant hackers. As of today, it is impossible to visit there. For these we will need quantum computers or super computers that can dominate Marianas web that has high processing powers.

“Do good things for the mankind not for their destruction”. Enjoy surfing the legal(surface web).


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