Website that has the longest allowed Domain’s URL:Have you ever known?

The longest domain url: Finding fun in Internet.

Longest URL in Internet

All of us do search different domains in our day to day life out of which Facebook, Google, YouTube etc. are more common. But have you thought do they have the longest URL? Although they are the most popular Domains, they done have the longest URL. So have you ever questioned yourself which one is the site that has the longest URL allowed by domain name registry? For the most of us ,the normal internet users, who use internet just for watching youtube videos,chat with friends,watch serials and even for a large percentage of bloggers the question has left quite unanswered.

Whenever we search some things over internet,we get a large number of search results. We click on one of the link and see/read the content.But have you also focused on the domain of the website that you are currently using?Have you ever tried to know,what’s this for?Well,a domain is a unique address on the internet that that helps to identify the specific website.This makes us able to identify that website.Do you know what characters are allowed to make a domain?Well,any numbers,letters and and other special characters are used out of which hyphen”-“is the most used.Generally numbers and letters are use quite widely.

We have never thought about the character limitation on domain names but results shows that they cut off at the maximum of 255 characters. Have you ever saw any domain that long?Generally the answer is no.It’s because every website owner wants to make the domain of his site short and easy to remember so they normally lie around 8-20 words so that lots of people can visit their site and they can generate good money.But there are some people as well who don’t want money from their site but just are having fun.Out of such people someone on the Internet has used the longest possible domain’s url and addressed his site.Do you know what’s that site?If no, I would recommend you guys to go and check the site click here to explore something cool in internet.

So,who can do this and why?Far I can imagine someone must have done a little fun experiment by using this longest domain and made the record of being owner of this longest domain’s url. It’s pretty cool too as well.

This domain has been designed to reach the maximum number of characters with a exponential curve using a fix formula “1 + 62 * (10/7)^(x-26)”. It has a beautiful coloration of rainbow and seems damn cool.

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