Are you running on a low of the budget for your PC setup? Or you want your old running laptop to use as a secondary monitor for your working Windows PC. Or you want to share and control your PC Screen using an Android, IOS, or a Tablet. Well, Spacedesk can be a very useful piece of software for this purpose. Spacedesk is actually a screen mirroring or screen extension software for PC. The installation and configuration process is pretty simple and it can be done on the go. The configuration involves two devices, Primary Machine(Windows PC, Laptops or Tablets) and Secondary Machine(Laptop, Android device, or IOS devices).

Let’s move towards the installation process for Primary Machine:

Installation on Primary Machine

Open any of the web browsers on your PC i.e; Primary machine and type the web address: or simply click here.

  1. Click on the download section and select your correct installation file type. Spacedesk is still in beta version and currently available for Windows PC or laptops.
Spacedesk Installation
  1. Now, Left Click the suitable installation file and the download should begin.
  1. If your system runs on the Windows operating system, make sure to check your system is 32-bit or 64-bit architecture.

Note: You can check your system architecture by right-clicking on This PC or My Computer and then on properties.

  1. Open the download folder and run the installation by clicking on the installation file.
  1. The installation process is quite easy. Just Click next for few times and your Application is ready to go.

Configuration on Primary Machine

  1. Now click on the arrow icon on the lower right corner of the screen. We can see Spacedesk running on the taskbar.
  1. Left-click on the Spacedesk driver icon opens the window as seen below.
Spacedesk Driver
  1. Click on the three dots on the window and make sure your connection is set to on and your status is ON(idle).
  1. One most important thing to consider during the configuration of Spacedesk server is to make sure that both the primary machine and the secondary machine are on the same LAN network. So, Check for your connection of both the PC and the Android device on the same LAN or WIFI network.

Installation on Secondary Machine

If you are using Android device as a secondary machine, Download the SpaceDesk driver from the Google Playstore. For IOS devices, the driver can be downloaded from app store. While using Laptops as a secondary device, the driver can be installed from the SpaceDesk Website.

  1. Since I am using an Android device, I downloaded the SpaceDesk app from Google Playstore. After downloading, simply open the SpaceDesk app.
Spacedesk Google Play Store
  1. A dialog box appears to show the link for downloading the spacedesk drivers. Choose not to show the dialog-box again and click on OK.
  1. Now, we can see our primary machine’s IP if our machine and Secondary machine (Android device in our case) are connected to the same network
Spacedesk Connection
  1. We can adjust the setting by clicking on the three dots on the top right corner of the screen.
  1. On the setting menu, we can adjust the Quality/Performance, Resolution, configure the Touchscreen and Auto-connection as well as the rotation.


We can adjust the Quality and Performance of our second screen. However, do note that higher quality, FPS, and Rendering Depth may slow down your device performances and may cause lagging of the secondary machine.

Higher color depth increase the image quality on the screen
Higher Rendering Color Depth increase the color quality of the seecond screen
Higher FPS value causes the smooth transition in the second screen


We can select the native android device resolution. However, I suggest unchecking the option. This option is used for desktop extension.

Similarly, we can select the custom resolution of the android device during desktop duplication. Make sure to adjust the highest resolution of android device.


The mouse pointer can be controlled from the secondary machine in SpaceDesk. We can adjust the touch input type between relative touch and absolute touch. However, I prefer disabling the touch screen control.


Enabling the auto-rotation option helps to rotate your PC’s screen based on the rotation of your Secondary device like Android or IOS. However, enabling this option may be quite difficult to use.


Checking the Auto-reconnect option helps to reconnect the client device automatically.

Checking the Automatic Connect option connects the secondary device to the primary machine automatically each time the app starts.

You can enter the IP Adress of the primary machine to connect automatically each time

Manual Connection

We can opt for the manual connection if the auto-connection is not possible. Click on the plus(+) icon if you can’t see the Primary Device Name on the screen. Then, manually enter the IP address of your primary machine.

Now, click on the Connection option. Then you are ready to go with the new secondary monitor for your PC.

Changing between Desktop Duplication and Desktop Extension in Spacedesk

We can choose either to duplicate the screen or to extend the screen of our PC on the secondary Monitor(Android Screen).

  1. Click on the start menu. Then, move to settings.
  1. Then on the windows setting select system settings.
  1. Scrolling down to multiple displays, We can select to duplicate or to extend the display.
Spacedesk Display
  1. Click on save changes. The extensions mode can be changed to duplication mode and vice versa.

Connecting Spacedesk through Mobile Hotspot

If you don’t have an active network not to worry though. Spacedesk server can be set up through portable Mobile Hotspot and it doesn’t require internet connection. Portable Hotspot can be set up in the following steps:

  1. Open the portable Hotspot setting in the Android device.
  1. Set up a password for the portable hotspot on your Android device.
  1. Open the network connection on your PC and connect to the portable Hotspot Network. Since I own a Redmi Note 5 pro the Network ID is Redmi Note 5 pro.
Spacedesk Network Connection
  1. Open the space desk driver on your android device as well as your PC. You can see the available device on the home screen of your Android. Now connect to the PC. Now you are ready to go.
My Extended Screen Setup
  1. I have set up my Premiere Pro to work on two Monitors so that I can work on my extended Display.
Spacedesk Extension
Working on Premiere Pro in Extended Screen

If you would like to watch the video about how to set up Spacedesk, make sure to click on the video below:

I hope this trick is gonna help all of those who do not have enough money to invest on a secondary monitor. If you have any questions or suggestions, make sure to drop comments below.


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