In May 1st, Twitter has release the quarterly financial report.With 166 million daily active users, twitter has grew 24% user base within last year. Within last three months after the out break of pandemic coronavirus around the world, twitter got 14 millions new user .

“In this difficult time, Twitter’s purpose is proving more vital than ever. We are helping the world stay informed, and
providing a unique way for people to come together to help or simply entertain and remind one another of our
connections. We’ve delivered our strongest ever year over year mDAU growth,” said Jack Dorsey, Twitter’s CEO

Growth of Twitter even in such pandemic time.

Twitter logo

During this pandemic period, people are at home. They want to connected each other via social media.Twitter able to add 14 millions new user. Not only that, twitter also increases it’s expenses by 18% and reaches US $ 8.4 millions.There is 45% increase in curated events page usage and a 30% increase in Direct Message (DM) . After the change in policies in March 18, Twitter has removed 1,100 tweets. These tweets containing misleading and potentially harmful content from Twitter. Additionally, Automated systems have challenged more than 1.5 million accounts. They were targeting discussions around coronavirus with spammy or manipulative behavior.

Not only twitter, other like netfilx also increase their users

In Netflix also, Almost 16 million people created accounts in the first three months of the year. Netflix said revenue increased to $5.76bn, up more than 27% compared to the same period in 2019. Profits almost doubled, from $344m in the first quarter of 2019 to $709m.


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