This is a global era. We have seen many technological advancements and revolution. Many people all over the world are using phones, laptops and many other gadgets. Several companies are providing their services digitally . For the purpose of entertainment, many online and offline games have been made till date. Have you ever thought how all this things are possible that we can do our works easily using apps or websites inside our phone or laptop? The answer to this is Programming. There are several computer languages which are used in game development, app development, web development, operating systems and many more.

There is a famous saying that if you want to learn programming then you just need your logical thinking which has nothing to do with the age. A 8 years old children can also learn it and make mind blowing apps, games, etc. Similarly, a man of more than 40 years can also learn it for both career or building fun programs. There are many programming languages that one can learn such as C, C++, Java, Python, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, etc. But if you are a beginner, I will highly recommend you to start learning Python because it is simple and easy to learn.

Here are the lists of top 5 free websites to learn programming for free which I also personally use for learning:

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W3schools is a reference cum learning website where you can learn different programming languages, test your knowledge with different quizzes and assignments and train yourself time to time for the enhancement of your knowledge. It is in the form of documentation where you will read the given things and practice in labs next to it. It can also be used as reference , understanding things, quick revision. I don’t think the contents are sufficient enough but it is good if you are having usual courses or books with you.


Talking about it more, you can also earn a certificate by paying some amount of money which is not necessary at all.


This is a non-profit organization which is providing free coding knowledge to everyone. You can find bunch of courses such as Python, C, C++, Java, R, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, etc. If you are a beginner and don’t know what to do then this is the best website for you. The course contains documentation, videos, quizzes, forums which will guide you throughout the journey. And the fun fact is that they have a YouTube channel where you will find everything that you want. I recommend you to visit this once and I am sure that you can get out of it.


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Tutorials point is one of the biggest learning platform where you can learn not only about programming but also networking, data science, telecommunication, academics, etc. I am personally using this website for learning. Here, you will get a bunch of courses which are in the format of documentation, visuals, eBooks, etc. It is an Indian website which was developed with the mission to manufacture skilled manpower in different technical industries. Documentations can be used as reference, some free books can be found but visual courses are paid. You can visit their YouTube channels where you can get courses in video form.


The best thing about the website is you get coding ground where you can run codes.


 It  provides tutorials and interview questions of all technology like java tutorial, android, java frameworks, JavaScript, ajax, core java, SQL , python, PHP, C language ,front end web development,etc. for beginners and professionals. This website is also in the documentation form where you can do different computer courses including programming. This website can be used as a reference but is not sufficient for deep learning. So, books are recommended to study deeply and use this website as a reference.


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5.Khan Academy

Khan Academy is a non-profit website where you can learn to code for free. It is the most popular name that you have heard for providing free quality education from junior to senior level. Here, you can also get some coding courses and other computing courses for free. The quality of the course is very good. It provides knowledge from surface level to deep level. This courses and resources help learners to expand their programming skills

Khan Academy

“There is nothing for age to do with Programming. If you are interested then go for it”


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