Facebook contain enough data of billions of users.
you are also using a Facebook from a years, during this time fb has stored many data and information that might be useful for hackers and other people for their benefit.Your secret message and picture, will not be secret anymore. you also might loss your control to your fb account.
So, we bring some important measure to protect your fb account.

  • Protect your Profile Picture

Your profile picture help your friends to know that you are . But troble is, anyone can save your profile picture and create a fake facebook account.So to be apart from this , Facebook has added a feature called ” Profiile picture Gaurd ” .Open your Facebook profile and click on the current profile picture (don’t click on ‘Update profile picture’). When the profile picture opens up, click on options at the bottom of the image and select ‘Turn on profile picture guard’. A blue shield will appear on your picture and no one will be able to share or download it anymore.

Profile picture guard
  • Minimize third party login

The majority of websites and apps give you the option to log in using your Facebook account instead of creating a new account from scratch. While this makes things easier, we often forget to revoke Facebook access for these third-party apps and websites when we stop using them. On the Settings’s Apps and websites. You will see a list of all the active apps and websites that have access to your Facebook account. You can choose the apps you want to remove from the list.

Third party login request
  • Make Strong Password

Make sure it is long (12 to 14 characters or longer), a mix of characters, and contains no personal information, since those can be easily can be socially engineered.Use special characters , number and letters for strong passwords.Most importantly, though, don’t use this password anywhere else on the internet. Don’t enter your password either on facebook app or make sure you are using authorized websites.(www.fb.com, m.fb.com, mbasic.fb.com )

Strong password
  • Use Two-factor Authentication

If you have strong password also, some times hacker or other someone might got your password .So, it is also important method to protect your facebook account.Here, After entering your password, Facebook will send a code to your phone that you type in on the site, to confirm that you are who you say you are. That way, if someone found out your password, they still wouldn’t be able to log in without also having your phone. You can get this code as a text message, or through an authentication app on your phone like Google Authenticator or Authy.

  • Enable Trusted Contact

If, for some reason, you lose access to all those things, Facebook’s “Trusted Contacts” feature can help, as long as you set it up ahead of time. Trusted Contacts allows you to pick three to five friends you can call if you can’t access your account. They then will give you the codes necessary to get back in.

Trusted contact


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