In our previous post we wrote that, an anonymous person with his twitter username @LKhyah shared us the data breach of 500 SmartCell users.

After 4 hours of the data breach, he tweeted “I am not getting enought reach in my last tweet. A bigger leak from same database will be uploaded at 7 30 PM (NPT)”.

SmartCell data breach

Fullfilling his promise, he has again shared the data of not only 500 users but 5000 SmartCell users this time.

SmartCell DataBreach

In both of his posts, he has directed a link to medium where he writes for the justice to journalist. He is writing about the journalist from Birgunj, who was beaten badly by the local police and then imprisoned. However the journalist had the pass to move around.
In short he is asking for justice to journalist and punishment to the guilty police officers.
He is asking the government to take the quick action. Incase the government won’t respond to him, he will increase the number of data leaks on each 3 days.

If government won’t take a immediate action, smartcell databreach is sure to go on increasing day by day. May be Ncell and NTC can face the problem too.

What does the hacked data include?

We added it in our previous post too. But for our new visitors let me tell you that this smartcell databreach includes the user’s Full Name, his/her address and their smartcell phone number.


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