Samsung is looking forward to introduce its brand new Flagship Tab S device with something better and something new. To make it happen,Samsung is going for new bigger screen in its next flagship. The rumours claims that the company is working on two models for the future flagship.

If we go with leaks have obtained, company will offer 11″ and 12.4″ screens both of which are larger than the 10.5″ unit which is used on the current Galaxy Tab S6. The next-generation Galaxy Tab S will be called Galaxy Tab S20 to be in line with the current flagship Galaxy S20-series. We have already put news about the Galaxy S20 in our previous posts as well.

Samsung new Display 2020

Moving along with the leaks we have got,there are even model numbers – SM-T970 and SM-T875. The first of those is more likely to be a Wi-Fi-only 12.4″ variant, while the latter is a cellular-enabled 11″ slate

We are still unclear if there will be only two options available or there is something more for its costumers. We will for sure inform you as soon as we receive some leaks before the official announcement by the Company.




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