A south Korean multinational company, samsung affirmed in their company blog post that they are working for 600MP sensors camera which works on Nonacell Technology. They also proclaim that taste sensor is also their working subject.

600MP sensors camera

Samsung’s journey to 600MP camera sensors

Samsung is developing 600MP camera sensors by packing a high number of megapixels in small sensors.They claimed that they are using a ‘Nonacell Technology’ . ‘It increases the amount of light absorption pixels. 3×3 pixel structure of ‘Nonacell Technology’ allows nine 0.8μm pixels to function to a standard 2×2 array.

New coming generation camera

Ultraviolet, infrared and taste sensors on Samsung

Mostly phone contain megapixel sensors to capture a photo. But samsung is not only working on high-megapixel sensors, they are adding a ultraviolet light sensors . It can be used to detect the cancer cells and infrared sensors for dark light photography. Moreover, they are also working on sensors that can register smell or taste. Samsung company claimed on their website , they are expecting 600MP sensors not only in smartphones but also in vehicles, drones, and other IoT(Internet of Thing) devices.

currently, Samsung is looking forward to introduce its brand new Flagship Tab S device with something better and something new. To make it happen,Samsung is going for new bigger screen in its next flagship. The rumours claims that the company is working on two models for the future flagship.The S20 line consists of flagship Galaxy S20 and Galaxy S20+ models differentiated primarily by screen size, as well as a larger camera-focused model, the Galaxy S20 Ultra.Key upgrades over the previous model, in addition to improved specifications, include a display with a 120 Hz refresh rate, an improved camera system supporting 8K video recording and a super-resolution zoom of 30–100×, depending on the model.


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