Samsung has released it’s Galaxy Note 10 last year and now its turn for new one,Galaxy Note 20.

Galaxy Note 10 was packed with a 3,500 mAh battery whereas the new Galaxy Note 20 battery model code EB-BN980ABY has been upgraded over Note 10 to 3880 mAh which ia almoat equal to 4000mAh. This battery capacity of Note 20 corresponds with that of Galaxy S20 which comes with a battery of 4000mAh.

Galaxy Note20

Here as we have already discussed that battery of Note20 is almost same as that of Galaxy S20. So we can assume that the premium version of Note20, Note 20+ will be packed with bigger battery capacity of about 4500-5000mAh as the battery Capacity of S20 Ultra is 5000mAh.

Galaxy Note20

According to source, Note 20+ model supports the 5G networking and the phone is sure to work on Snapdragon 865+SoC & Android 10. It will have a 8GB RAM for fast processing and smooth gaming features.

Galaxy Note20 has marked to launch in August. It is very difficult to say that its surely to launch in that month if Corona didn’t come in control.

[Update] Samsung Planning to use Exynos processor

Samsung has not still disclosed any informations regarding Galaxy 20. But the reports says that samsung will follow the design of previous galaxy S10 with upgraded hardware and a camera.

Previously, report has shown that Samsung is about to use the Snapdragon 865+ on the Galaxy Note20 +.
But the yesterday news from ZDNet reveals that Samsung is about to use its Exynos 992 processor instead of Snapdragon for its upcoming Galaxy Note series. Its is because the production of the Snapdragon 865+ has now been uncertain due to Corona outbreak. So Samsung is planning to use Exynos processor based on 6nm process.

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