Samsung Galaxy Smart watch

World is facing a pandemic crisis due to a deadly disease COVID-19. WHO has recommended frequent washing hand regularly or using sanitizer to control the spread of COVID-19 . Accordingly, SRI-B employees work remotely from their homes and made a useful apps named Hand wash app for Samsung smart watch to help to control the spread of COVID-19 around the world. This wearable app is for Samsung smart Watch that will prompt users to clean their hands. This Samsung smart app help to safe from corona virus

Features of HAND WASH App

Hand wash app developed by Samsung

This Hand Wash app remind the user to wash their hand up to 20 second as according to WHO. User can customize their needs and schedule on the basis of their interest. Especially this app track the hand wash time and provide the result after 25 second on Samsung smart watch. Furthermore, this hand wash app also notifies if the user miss any scheduled pit stops to wash basin.
The hand wash app track the daily wash trend and give the result of daily wash trends to the users. Moreover it shows the last wash time and alert the user about their hygiene in a real time. This app can be download from the ” Galaxy Store

Want to Download a Hand wash app here?

Click here to go Samsung galaxy store


Version1.1.0 (2020.04.21)

Size: 1.6 MB

Expiration: No expiration date

Age restriction: For all ages


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