Recently Xiaomi has launched it’s Redmi 9 Series smartphones globally which included the Redmi 9,Redmi 9 Pro globally and also the Redmi 9 Pro Max in India only. Soon after we started to get the leaks about new smartphone from Xiaomi SubBrand Poco which was soon after confirmed as Poco F2. And today we have got leaks about Xiaomi’s new smartphone under its subbrand Otix.

Somehow, the picture of Otix Phone Pro has been leaked by Russian Xiaomi Worker via Slashleaks. The leaks of Xiaomi new smartphone called Otix Phone Pro are tending in social medias now.

In this leaked picture we can clearly see some of the major specifications of this new Otiz Phone Pro. This Otiz phone pro is powered by a a strong processor of Qualcomm Snapdragon 865. This processor is much powerful than the processor of some flagship phones in 2019 amd even 2020. Not only the processor this phone spots a very powerful RAM of 18GB. This RAM is just a nightmare for many of the big mobile phone companies too. So, if the leaks turned true, then we are sure to get our next flagship in 2020 from Xiaomi.

In the leaked picture, Otix Phone Pro is spotted to feature a QHD+ AMOLED screen with DC dimming and 140Hz refresh rate. We can also notice small bezels in the top and bottom part of the phone. We can spot a linearly arranged Quad-camera at the back of phone with a flash provided along with LiDAR. Type-C charging port in the bottom part of the phone. Along with this a 3.5mm minijack for headphones are also spotted in this Otix Phone Pro.


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