Technology is the greatest boon we have in today’s world. There are different things that we can do using technology. We can virtually do various things that may not be possible for us to do when we are deprived of such things. Learning online, doing online jobs, freelancing, e-commerce, virtual reality, online video games and endless things.

Online games are the type of games that can be played by using internet connection .Online games can be operated mainly on gaming consoles (primarily made for gaming purpose),phones and PC’s. Online games has became one of the biggest earning industry ,making people entertained and introducing e-sports in different parts of the world. There is a long history behind online games and it’s evolution. Different types of games are available such as shooting, action, adventure, arcade, etc. through which gamers can participate in e-sports, become streamers and entertain people.

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Actually, game developers and designers develops the game in such a way that a large number of players especially youths are attracted to it. There are both advantages and disadvantages of online gaming.


a) It increases the ability to focus and problem solving skills.

b) It increases leadership and cooperative skills.

c) Gamers especially playing PUBG can easily differentiate between soft gradient colors and blocks.

d) It helps to release stress and anxiety.

e) It is a painkiller for depression.

f) Through online games ,gamers can interact with other people and can be interactive as well.

It is true that it has a lot of advantages but as usual it has disadvantages too.


a) It can cause social anxiety.

b) It leads to obesity and laziness.

c) It decreases academic performance.

d) If it becomes  addiction, then it is most dangerous thing.

Online games are best if we can utilize it in our benefits .We can show excellent gaming skills and earn respect and money as well. Same as sports, nowadays different e-sports programs are being held to motivate and give a platform to gamers On the other side if we can’t control ourselves and became addicted then it can destroy everything.

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But many online gamers are not getting proper recognition and are not able to do more for the nation. It is due to our mentality which keeps on saying that only following academic leads to success and online games are destroyers of life. If football, cricket, volleyball, etc. are sports then online games such as PUBG, COD, DOTA, etc. are also e-sports formers. So, the people with interest should pursue and work together to make a better e-sports and gaming community.

“A delayed game is eventually good, a bad game is bad forever”. So open your mind and play a Game!!


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