With the advancement in technology, new features are constantly being upgraded on the smartphone industry. In 2020, Smartphones companies have been focusing on the various aspects like Display, Camera, Processors, Fast-charging and Memory options as the flagship features. Smartphone companies are working on AMOLED display with high refresh rates, Camera with a large sensor as well as high capacity fast-fast charging features.

A new norm on the flagship performances is the fast-charging capability of the flagship smartphones. Smartphone Brands like OPPO, Realme and IQOO have already announced the 120-125W fast charging technologies.

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By far, Xiaomi has also entered the 100W+ fast-charging technologies in the smartphone industry. A few weeks back, a Xiaomi charger with a 120W fast-charging feature was listed on the 3C Certification website. Finally, a new Xiaomi Mi device has also cleared the 3C certification website.

M2007J1SC Xiaomi new smartphone

Today, a Xiaomi Mi smartphone( Model No. M2007J1SC) was listed on the certification site with an ultra fast-charging capability. The smartphone can be assumed as a flagship smartphone with 120W fast-charging(20Vdc, 6A MAX). The smartphone comes with a flagship 5G feature.

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As of now, no further information is listed on the website about the same. But, the real device may not be far from now. More pieces of information regarding the device will be updated once they get spotted on the other certification sites.

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