The whole world is suffering from Covid-19 outbreak which has resulted the deaths of large number of people in several countries of word. Not to let the situation grow worse with Nepal, The Government of Nepal has announced national lockdown on…. And this period is increasing on each deadline.

The final Exams of SEE(class 10) and class 11 and class12(SLC) are suspended. But the educational institutions are still trying to teach thier students through online video conference apps like Zoom, Jitsi Meet and so on. But due to the expensive data packages, many students are not being able to get into this programme. So to support the online classes educational programme, Nepal Telecom has brought a special data package.

E-education Package

On the recommendation of concerned educational institutions, universities and schools of the country, Nepal Telecom has brought a special E-education package to provide data services at a much cheaper rate than the normal market rates.

In this E-education package, you can either purchase 6GB DATA @Rs.260 or you can purchase 15GB DATA @Rs.500. And more importantly, both of these package will last only for 28 days.

Time to use the data package

Now let’s talk about the time to use this DATA package. Out of 6GB DATA, 3GB DATA will only be allowed to use only between 5-10am and remaining 3GB can be used at desired time. Similarly, out of 15GB DATA, 6GB should only be used between 5-10 am and remaining 7 GB can be used at any time. This data package can be used under any of the 2G,3G or 4G network.

Who can use this package?

Nepal Telecom has introduced this DATA Package at cheaper costs only to support E-education programme. So Nepal Telecom will provide this package to the students and teachers only on the recommendation of university or school.

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How to get this package?

The educational institutions should provide the list of student’s and teacher’s mobile numbers to the email address marked by the company. Once the phone numbers will be posted to the company’s email address, respective owners will get a approval message and they can purchase any package out of two as per their convenience and need. Once you get the approval text from Nepal Telecom:
Dial *1441# to purchase the package. Enjoy its🇳🇵😍.

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#Stay_Safe #Stay_Connected

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