Nepal, a country who is paving a road towards Digital Nepal is now facing some massive and threatening cyber attacks. So the digital nepal is at risk as it is facing data breach and cyber attack continously.

On these recent cyber issues, Our Internet Security Expert Mr. Sudeep Bhusal stated, “Privacy is like a Corona virus , you make fun of it until you face it.”

It has been only a few weeks back when Foodmandu has suffered a massive data breach which included their costumers name, email address, address and phone number.

After that Vianet, most popular Internet Service Providers faced another data breach in which 1.6 millions user’s data has compromised.

New Hacker SATAN

Now in this week, Another hacker SATAN under the twitter username @Cyber_hell_god warned @Prabhu_Nepal against their post they have tweeted on their twitter page which included the clients valuable information. Mr. Hacker(Addressing SATAN) claimed that the post from Prabhu pay was a data breach of them and by them. He warned them to take a time to look back toward their security system which was very weak in his perspective. He marked that he will give a little demo by 8 o’ clock of 10th April night.


Everyone was waiting if Mr. Hacker will come up with his promise but when it was not 8,not 9 but 10, everyone thought that he was just an attention seeker and not more than that.


But around 11 pm, we got a tweet from him. This time he came up with the proof that he was not just an attention seeker but a real professional hacker. He leaked 10,000 users email and password, which was just a demo, he said.


So who is SATAN? A Cyber criminal?
There are many organizations in Nepal including the official government sites who lack proper security in thier sites. Let’s forget about complete security, most of nepal government website hacked due to lack of SSL in their sites. They aren’t committed to save our information in a safe manner for which we have trusted them.

Trust me, this infuriates every tech enthusiastic who knows how careless they are toward our sensitive informations.
So Again I have a question?
So who is SATAN
? A criminal? OR a normal person like us with professional skills who has been infuriated by the ill behaviour of government and other companies who are not kepping the information safe which they ask for and for which they are responsible.

After the data brach of @Prabhu_Nepal, he then, hacked the logins of some most popular governmental sites. This time nepal government website hacked. Afterwards he posted them in his twitter account. This time he was with different username @satan_cyber_god.

SATAN leaked government data

He didn’t stopped here, he then came up with a New Year gift for all Merchantile Pvt. Ltd., which is a official .np domain registration site. He tweeted that he has got access to all the .np domains.

Satan leaked merchantile .np domains data

This time Merchantile requested him not to publish the data and they will fix the loops. SATAN accepted their request and he didn’t published the data.

Merchantine reqest to SATAN

Now his twitter account has blocked.
But here rises a question wgy did he do that?
Well, going with public review he was just asking the organizations to build a strong security system amd secure their data. People raised question, with which security are they going when, a single person can be a threat to whole national security.

Public support/review on SATAN

@Cyber_hell_god (Mr. hacker) in his tweet mentioned “Jai Nepal ~ we love our country 🇳🇵🇳🇵”. It is a hint that he is not a harmful person but someone who is asking companies to strengthen their site security.

We found him to be a really good person who taught the whole country to stay secure and not to take the security lightly.

So what’s your view about SATAN( @Cyber_hell_god & @satan_cyber_god). Don’t forget to leave your comment.


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