Recently a very popular app store has undergone a massive data breach loosing its 39 Millions user’s informations.

Android smartphones come with pre-installed Google Play Store. Some mobile phones also have their own play stores which they provide pre-installed in their phones. Out of them Huawei AppGallery and Samsung Galaxy Store are the most popular one.

Are they the only available playstores? No, there are some third party app stores in Internet. They also provide us with amazing features and apps.

Hacked App Store

Among those third party app stores, Aptoide is the most known and most liked one. This app store claims to have 150 million users and 1 million of apps in it.

Aptoide claims that they scan every app before uploading that to the app store. Additionally they also perform security tests to confirm the absence of malware. Also the Home page of Aptoide claims Aptoide to be the safest Android app store.

But recently, Aptoide appears to have suffered a data breach of 39 million costumers data. The hacker published 20 millions hacked data on a popular hacker forum. This data includes costumers login email and hashed password.

Mr.Filipa Botelho, the head of community marketing of Aptoide on 18th April issued an statement, which confirmed the data breach they have faced.

Aptoide claimed that the passwords were encrypted in database. And no personal data other than the login email address and the encrypted password has been included in their database.

The reporting at ZDNet on 17th April confirmed that userā€™s real name, device details and date of birth were included too in the data published by hacker.

Our Review

We request every Aptoide users to change the password of every site where they have used the same password as that of Aptoide. We wanna inform you all that having same password for multiple sites is not a safe behavior. You should always use strong, unique and different passwords for different sites.

Also preferring third party apication is not a safe trade. You should try to avoid this habit of you as soon as possible. This will be a very important step towards your privacy.

#Stay_Home #Stay_Safe


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