We all use computers or laptops to do different types of works. The operating system has all the signs which make users attracted to it. With no doubt, Windows is a winner as it is the oldest yet user friendly where a lot of games, software, and many tasks can be done. But do you know that 1 among 10 people are not using the genuine copy of Windows. Here, comes the use Of KMSAuto.

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What is KMSAuto?


KMSAuto is an activator software that is basically used to activate different versions of Microsoft office and windows. The program activates your system without requiring any keys or telephone activation. Many people including the computer repairing shops use it to activate the windows for free so that they get all benefits and don’t have to pay a single penny. If we can activate Windows or Office just by using software then why the original Microsoft versions are released which are very expensive? The answer is many people cannot afford it and therefore they find this as an alternative.

Can we update windows after activating it with KMSAuto?

Now, you might be thinking that if I can activate Windows for free then can I download new updates. The answer is yes you can update your version of windows without any type of error. But, the activation is not always permanent, the system can ask you to activate after some weeks or month.

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Is KMSAuto virus?

KMSAuto is an activator, not a virus but a virus can enter your system because in this process your antivirus or defender is required to be off until this process is done. But if you have a good updated and genuine antivirus then you can easily quarantine or remove all the malware or any suspicious program that comes with KMSAuto.

Should we use KMSAuto?

If a company is providing so better service then it is not good that you try to use their services for free. But if you really cannot afford it then you can use this by perfoming all the precautions. I recommend you to check whether the Windows copy is genuine or not in your laptop so that you don’t have to depend on these things.

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Why Microsoft Allows piracy?

Microsoft can stop all the pirated versions of Windows but it doesn’t do it. This is because we all are grown up using windows and yes we are addicted to it. So, we demand Windows everywhere that’s what Windows want to become more popular and earn more despite pirated versions.

Overall, KMSAuto is an activator, not a virus. So, it is safe but it is not recommended to use such programs as they are malicious. Instead, you can use the popular open-source operating system “Linux “.


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