After the successful launch of iPhone11 trios in 2019, rumors of brand new Apple gadget iPhone12 are being heard on Social medias.

Is iPhone12 officially announced to be launched or it’s just the rumor? If yes how does it look? Lot’s of questions are in our mind……….


We are pretty sure that the 2020 Apple phone will be called iPhone12 and not iPhone11S, as we heard from an industry analyst. That’s why we are calling it iPhone12. You might have heard people calling it iPhone2020 or “new iPhone” as well.


As we heard from an industry analyst,Apple is going to make something really big change to it’s design. It’s main goal is to make new iPhone free from notch and make it more attractive and give a cool look. And if it will happen it’s gonna be the most expensive iPhone on it’s history and you can imagine yourself about iPhone12 max (pro max) whatever it’s going to launch next.

Most far what we know about new iPhone12 is that it’s gonna be launched in four different models as we heard from an analyst ‘Ming-Chi Kuo’ who claimed it as: one model at 5.4inches,two at 6.1 inches and the largest model at 6.7inches.These four models are going to have 5G connectivity replacing the past LTE one. These three models are supposed to have RAM 4GB and then the max version of it upgraded to 6GB.The another impressive thing is that its battery life is claimed to be more long lasting and efficient.

Ming-Chi Kuo added that iPhone will upgrade its screen from LCD to OLED and if it goes so it will be a ,matter of joy for it’s costumer as they have better screen quality.


We are talking about iPhone and if we won’t know about the camera feature of new iPhone12 and new updates on it, it’s not going to be a good deal. As we noticed the triple-lens rear camera on iPhone11 Pro and iPhone12 Pro max,it’s widely expected that Apple is going to add a new lens “a time-of-flight”sensor on its next iPhone12 which will more accurately judge distances and create bokeh effects on portrait shots

Apple is also heard to be working on periscope like telephoto lens which will provide a longer zoom range than ever provided.Also a scanner that will be capable of scanning the entire room is echoed.Apple is trying to fit five-lens and three-lens arrays on a smaller space by using a prism to reflect light.


The new iPhone12 is more likely to be launched on September 2020. So keep viewing our website launch update. Apple is more likely to make the release earlier than expected too.

iPhone 11 starts at the fairly affordable price of $699 while iPhone 11 And iPhone 11 pro max at $999 and $1099 respectively.Now here is the question. How much the 5G connectivity,new lens and screen upgrade going to add price on the brand new iPhone12?Well as we heard ,Apple is not going to add any more money for it’s 5G connectivity and other upgrades.However a little increment of about $30 to $100 is fair enough and more heard too.


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