Service providers have said that Internet usage has increased dramatically in the last few days.Corona Outbreak is causing the interner slowing down.

According to Bhoj Raj Bhatt, president of ISPAN, a provider of Internet service providers the number of complaints about Internet slowdown is on the rise.
The government has called for the closure of educational institutions and not to stay out of the house as much as possible.

As far as possible, work from home has started. The Internet is also a time for leisure and entertainment.

Bhatt says that the internet is slowed due to the increased traffic of the network in limited network capacity.

“Devices have to be imported from abroad,” he said.

Which would not make it possible to increase the capacity of the Internet immediately. It will take at least two to three months. ‘

ISPAN also plans to urge users to use the Internet in a responsible way to make the Internet a regular operating environment.


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