Instagaram is one of the most popular social platform, recently owned by Facebook. People love surfing with Instagram due to it’s lovely UI and it’s amazing features. They love to share their pictures in Instagram, tag friends and react on other’s post, however increasing their followers in Instagram is the main motive of everyone. Truely, who won’t love to see his/her followers increasing. Following favourite stars and getting informed with their daily activities is one of the best part of Instagram.

According to a famous social engineer “Jane Manchun Wong” Instagram is going to add some new unique features which will allow user to add some restriction to their profile. However some features are related to the fun part only. Now let’s have a look towards the hidden or upcoming features of Instagram.

1. Add Fundraiser

Fundraiser Instagram

@wongmjane shared this picture and wrote that the Instagram will add this fundraiser feature in their upcoming update. In my opinion, if you want to. Raise fund with your Instagram ID you will first need to verify this fundraiser feature from Instagram. Then you can add link to your landing a page and ask people to donate money there. This feature will help instagaram to control people who are raising money for their own personal interests.

2.Pin Comments

We see our favourite youtubers ping their comment in the comment section. Doing this, the comment appears on top of everyone and is more noticeable. They also pin the comments from their subscribers, which they like the most.

But, this feature is still unavailable in Instagram. So, Instagram is copying YouTube in terms of this. Once this feature is unveiled, you can also pin the beautiful comments in your posts in Instagram and make them more noticeable. It is an another way of showing that you liked someone’s comment in your status the most.

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3. Allow Tags From

Instagram upcoming features

You must have noticed this feature in your Facebook account. You can limit the people who can tag you in their posts from the setting. This help us to stay protected from getting tagged in any stranger’s posts.

Instagram was still missing this feature but it will add this feature soon in its upcoming update.

4. Allow Mentions From

Instagram upcoming features

Some people in Instagram has a very bad habit of mentioning anyone. They mention each and every celebrity, some make bad comments too. It’s so disgusting to get such bad comments and mentions in unknown post and from unknown people. Are you one of them, who is tried of being mentioned in stranger’s post? It’s no longer gonna work.

Instagram is adding this feature too, where you can limit the number of people who can mention you. So with this feature, you can stay protected from harassments.

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5.Delete Comments And Restrict Accounts

Instagram upcoming features

As I discussed above, people are facing bad negative comments in their posts. It mainly happens with celebrities where they are trolled with stupid and vulger comments. Bad comments on body shape, work and relations can annoy anyone and make them depressed. And it’s not that, it doesn’t happen with regular boys and girls. They do face it alot.

To overcome this, Instagram has added this feature which will allow you to block or restrict the users for meeting comment abuses. It is unvieled now.

All thanx to Jane Manchun Wong for notifying us early about these Instagram upcoming features. She keeps giving update about such things. You can follow her in Instagram by clicking here.

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