“Website hacked!! ” This news has now been so common for every Nepalese from past few months. Many Nepali websites were hacked and each of them sufferred a heavy databreach though the intension of those hackers was only to teach each Nepalese, Nepali organizations and government to stay safe and secured in Internet.

But this time, a hacker from Nepal Under the twitter username @ALiveLordBrahma has hacked many Indian websites and has uploaded his account identity,a gif image of Lord Brahma in those websites. You can see this image below in each of the accounts hacked by him.

I am sure, you know it well that, India and Nepal are in a cold war for the territory of Lipulekh. Regarding that Nepal has passed a New Map of Nepal including Lipulekh in Nepal.

When Manisha Koirala Stood up by the side of Nepal, an Indian TV channel ABPNews made a bad comment on her saying, “भारत का खाओगी, चीन का गाना गाओगी “.

Not only that, we are getting many updates raising questions against our sovereignty.

So our well wishers (we can say for sure), has shown a small demo to India what Nepal has the ability to do.

Mr. BRAHMA so has hacked many of the Indian websites and showed them the advancements and ability of Nepal to challenge India in Technical field. He has also raised the question on Digital Indian and claimed it as insecured India too.

I am surprised to see, how is he hacking each Indian websites within a minutes. You can check the updates in his officially twitter account.

Not only him, our previous Cyber_Hero Mr. SATAN is not silent in this case. He has hacked the ABPNews and he published their Favric’s API key.

He recently hacked a Indian website eukwebdevelopers.in and same as BRAHMA he also left his identity there with a message We just want what belongs to us and BackOffIndia


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