Nepal Electricity Authority (NEA) was created on August 16, 1985 (Bhadra 1, 2042) . Nepal Electricity Authority (NEA) had launched an online payment system so that you can do self meter reading and easily pay bills on this Covid-19 crisis also. Here we are going to show you how to do self meter reading? And how to pay electricity bills online using payments gateways?

How to pay online electricity bils?

We all know that COVID-19 is spreading around the world. During this time, You might not want to pay electricity bills by attending the Nepal Electricity Office. So, You can now easily pay the online electricity bills via. many mobile banking app, online wallets, connect IPS, and many others.

First of all, You have to open app from where you want to pay with a required balance.

(In our case we are using esewa).

Pay electricity bill via esewa

You should have to know Consumer Name, Consumer Number(Sc. No), Consumer ID and NEA Counter. These all can be found on NEA consumer book and meter reading bills.

Electricity bill

At first, Click on electricity. Then below like screen will be appear.

Pay via Esewa

Now You have to select the NEA counter ie.DCS name. You can also search your counter.

Name of counter of NEA

Then , input your consumer number,and input your consumer ID.Then,

Click on Procced

The amount of money you have to pay will be appeared as a Total Due. Then click ‘Proceed’.

Electricity bill online

Confirm your information and amount you have to pay and Click ‘Confirm’

Please verify via fingerprint or type MPIN and click Confirm

Then You did all. You get a transaction Success message.

How to do self meter reading?

First of all, You should have to know Consumer Name, Consumer Number(Sc. No), Consumer ID and NEA Counter. These all can be found on NEA consumer book and meter reading bills.

Nepal electricity authority app on google play store

Next step is that you need to visit or you can download ‘Nepal Electricity Authority’ app which is easily available in google playstore for android.

If you are doing first time, you have to register by clicking on REGISTER tab on right side of the screen.

Nea website

Then fill consumer name, email, mobile number and password on respective field. The click ‘SUBMIT’

‘Consumer Signup successfully’ message will be shown on screen. Then click Home tap.

After then you can now login into system. For that you have to fill up  Phone number and password which you set just before to login.

Then click on ‘Add consumer’ after successful login in homepage.

After that select the NEA counter on DCS name and type Consumer ID and Consumer Number. After that click on ‘Submit’.

‘Consumer Added Successfully’ message will be displayed. Then click ‘HOME’ tap and added consumer list will be shown below.

For meter reading, click on ‘Click’ button of your consumer list.

Now input the current number shown in Meter box.

(Note: For old meter box , input the current number shown in meter box neglating one last red digits

For new meter box you can push 3 times to get consumed units)

Then click on SUBMIT.

You can also upload a clear image of meter box showing digits for verification

‘Reading Inserted Successfully!!!’ message will be shown

Wow, You have done self meter reading . Now you can see the amount of unit consumed and money you have to pay.

Pay online electricity bill and avoid crowd

Be safe form Covid-19

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