We have been continuously updating our visitors about the recent databreach of SmartCell by an anonymous hacker under the twitter username @LKhyah.

The hacker has previously leaked the data of 500 users in first databreach, then he leaked the data of 5K users in his second attempt and again the 5K user’s data in his third databreach.

And now, in this 4th databreach he has has leaked 10K SmartCell User’s data. With this the total number of data he has leaked sum ups to 20.5K. This time has has shared a onion link to navigate to the leaked data. You will need a special tor browser to access the link. We don’t recommend checking out the data but you can if you will to.

As we previously mentioned in our previous posts, the hacker is not doing this with the wrong intentions. Instead he is taking stand for journalist in Birgunj who has been victimised by some policemen there who were overpowered by misutilising their administrative powers,in his view.

In his opinion, government is responsible for all these databreach. He wants the government to take action against such ill actions of those policeman and against all of them who are misutilising thier administrative powers.

Further in his recent tweet, he is asking to help the boys and girls who are being sexually harassed over the Internet. So, we too recommend them to take help from this man.

He doesn’t seems to be vulnerable to those who are doing right but those who are involved in sexual harassments, abusing other and torturing others may face some problems soon if the victim will report to him.

I don’t know the hacker man, but addressing you sir I want to tell, If GadgetTrait can help in anyway regarding it, contact us in our twitter and Facebook page.


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