Meanwhile, the whole world is facing the Nobel Corona Virus(COVID-19) outbreak. As the whole world is facing fear of the Nobel Corona Virus, Parents are also worried about their children’s education. Google and Youtube have come up with a distant learning solution Teach From Home and Learn@home.

Google and youtube have introduced resources to help teachers and parents to educate their childrens while they are home due to the nobel coronavirus outbreak.

Google Teach from Home
Google and Youtube launched Distant Learning Feature

Google page Teach From Home offers various recommendations on how to use the google products for distant learning from Home. The page features ideas on how to use video calls via hangouts, creating a virtual whiteboard with jamboard and creating the Q & A sessions with Google slides. Similarly, sharing the resources online with Google Drive and creating a class with Google Classroom as well as live streaming the sessions.

The downloadable resources are also available in various languages and subtitles are allowed in 7 languages like French, German, Danish, Spanish, Italian and Google says that more languages are coming soon.

Youtube has developed a feature Learn@home. It has also categorized certain educational youtube channels that the students can access from their home. The page has categorized the contents for families with kids 13 and older, families with kids 5 and older as well as the families with preschoolers.

Youtube has collaborated with youtube channels like Khan Academy, Crash course, discovery education to bring up with quality contents. Learn@Home is available now in English, and will be available in Italian, French, Korean, Spanish, Japanese, and more “in the coming days,” says YouTube.

Google is also launching a $10 million distant learning fund through The fund fill first provide khan academy with $1million to provide distant learnig oppurtinites to the childrens on COVID-19 affected countries.


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