Hey there!! Do you wanna make money with Esewa? Obviously yes, that’s why you are on this page. Before writing this article I searched in Internet about the ways to earn money from esewa. But most the sites were teaching wrong things. And there are still some questions left unanswered in Internet. Some of them are;

  • How do you earn from eSewa?
  • What is eSewa cash point?
  • What is refer earn?

Did you searched same thing in Internet? Then, I am gonna reply these all questions to you.

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What is refer and earn?

When Signup to a particular website or application. As a member you get a feature to refer someone to Signup to same website or application. For each refer you make, you get certain amount of money. This is called refer and earn.

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How to earn from Esewa?

If you use mobile banking,then you must have used esewa for paying electricity bills,school bills and more. But all you have done from esewa, is spended your money in your bank account. So now you are gonna ask me, How do you earn from esewa? Well it’s pretty simple,just follow the following steps.

  • Go to play store and search for “esewa” and download the app
  • Signup using your phone number
  • Verify your account, verify KYC
  • NOW scroll down along the Home

You will see this interface, stop here and click Invite.


Click Continue.


Click Send Invitation. Now choose the contact you wanna send invitation to and click send Invitation.

Repeat the same process and send invitation to all your friends and family members. Now you are almost done. Ask them to Signup to esewa app(for ease share this post to them). Now there is a common question.

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How can you earn money with Esewa?

You are gonna earn with esewa refer and earn. Let me explain it in following points:

  • Once they will Signup with your link you will get Rs. 5 Bonus.
  • When the load money in their esewa ID, you will get Rs. 10 Bonus.
  • When they will make their first bill payment, Rs. 15 bonus amount will be added to your E-sewa ID.

In this way, for each referall you made, Rs. 30 bonus amount will be added to your E-sewa account.

How can you check, how much money you earned with esewa?

Earn money with esewa

Again scroll down the Home and click Invite. Now click my refers. All the money you have earned will esewa refer and earn feature will be displayed there.

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Is this the only way to earn from Esewa?

No not all all. Your earning in esewa app doesn’t end here. After signing up, on each transaction and purchase you make, you will get cashback and bonus amount. You can use that bonus to top up your mobile phone, buy products, bus and airplane tickets.

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