A new successor of the Mavic air debuted in 2018, DJI Mavic air 2 is ready to be launched. DJI is the global leader company in the field of the drones and accessories. Few months back a lightweight and compact drone Mavic Mini was unleashed for the global market at just $399.

A recent tweet from the company’s official twitter handle @DJIGlobal shared a image to guess the features for the upcoming product launch. The tweet shows a picture with many spotted features of the new Mavic Air 2. The product launch page is already set up and the countdown for the new DJI product is already ticking.

However, the specs of the DJI Mavic air 2 is no longer a secret. The technical details provided by the FCC and Anatel suggests the new drone to be Mavic air 2.

DJI Mavic Air 2: Specifications

Leaked image show the Mavic air 2 comes with light gray body equipped with a dark gray propellers and siver accents on the motor. Mavic air 2 comes with a lot of premium features like occusync 2.0 and comes with latest advanced camera modes. The curved tips on the propellers may be engineered to be much quiter during the flight time. As previous leaks suggest Mavic air 2 will have an F/2.0 aperture and a larger (1/2-inch) CMOS image sensor with a 48 megapixel which is also clear from the tweet from DJI official twitter handle. However, one feature to still watch is the 4K video recording feature at 60 fps.

DJI Mavic Air 2 Folded design

The new drone also follows its predecessor in terms 3-axis image stabilization and adds several intelligent automated photo modes. It comes with more accurate ActiveTrack 3.0 technology that allows to select a subject that the drone camera automatically follows. Point of interest 3.0 lets the users set an automated flight path around the subject.

Dji Mavic Air 2 Safari

DJI Mavic Air 2: Battery

Acording to the FCC’s database, not only the name of the new drone, “Mavic Air 2,” but also revealed the size of the battery: 3500mAh at 11.5 volts or over 40Wh. That’s nearly 50% larger than the 2375mAh battery capacity of the original Mavic Air.

As per reports, the expected  battery life of 34 minutes whch even overcomes thebmore expensive Mavic 2 lineup with battery life 31 minutes.That leaked documentation also spells out a maximum speed of 68.4 kilometers per hour (42.5 miles per hour). This matches exactly the original Mavic Air. And it is below Mavic 2 models, which top out at 72 kph.

Mavic Air 2: New controller design and Sensors

The new design for the new controller shows a mount that holds the smartphone at the top. It seems to be a different approach for redesign of thebcontroller mount which is confirmed by the image shared on twitter itself.

Mavic Air 2 controller
Mavic air 2 Controller Deaign

The Mavic air 2 controller uses OcuSync 2.0 which is  a dedicated radio system that runs in the 2.4GHz and 5.8GHz ranges (the latter not supported in all regions). It also offers better range, per the leaked manual: up to 8 kilometers (5 miles) with the ability to transmit 1080p live video.

The FCC version of the documentation mentions 2 models of Mavic Air 2 one of which features a ADS-B reciever which provides informations of the aircrafts warning for the possible obstacles in path. We also observed this sign in the official tweet but it is not still confirmed.

Pricing and Release Date

As per the leaked reports, Mavic Air 2 is priced $799. The price suggests that it is a fierce competitor for the more advance drones of its own company and its close competitors. It will be released on April 27 in a online launch event.


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