Modem vs Routers

Nowadays, we all are using the internet to connect ourselves with the world. To surf, the internet people mostly prefer Wi-Fi to mobile data as it is cheaper than mobile data. But the main thing here is that people don’t understand how Wi-Fi works with the applications of routers and modems. Many people mistake a router for a modem and vice versa because they can look similar. 

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So let’s discuss what are the common differences between them.

What do Modems do?


MODEM basically modulates and demodulates the signal. The computer that we use only understands digital signals. So, a MODEM acts as a bridge between digital and analog signals. When a signal emits from the computer it is a digital signal that is being emitted here MODEM changes digital signal to an analog signal to connect to the world of the internet by means of cables or fibers that are used. Similarly, the analog signal coming through cables is changed to a digital signal with the help of MODEM through which your computer understands the signal and shows you the results that you want to see on the Internet.

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What do Routers do?


A router basically routes the signal. Nowadays we use many devices that are connected to internet. It is not necessary that a router should be wired. Nowadays, almost all the routers are wireless. So a router splits or break the signal provided by MODEM to different channels so that we can use all of our devices. A router routes the signal to the right destination so that the result that you are trying to get in the mobile phone doesn’t show in tablets, computers, etc. that are also connected to the internet.

This was the basic difference between modems and routers that we often didn’t notice. To sum up, Modems acts as a bridge between analog and digital signals and Routers routes the signal and splits the signal.


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