Dent is the first mobile app that allows you to send mobile data to anybody in the world. It also allows you to recharge your own phone or top-up the phones of your friends. With the DENT eSIM, you can download your digital SIM card on your phone and add worldwide data plans for 50 countries around the globe.

It is one of the best earning apps in Nepal to earn free recharge cards in Nepal. And the most important thing is that using dent is very easy and works fine in Nepal too.

How to earn with Dent?

Earning with Dent app is very easy and all you need to do is just to earn the points which you can later use to redeem recharge cards in your SIM Cards.

What all you need to do at all is simply go to the play store and download the Dent app. Once the app gets installed, then click this link and then this will redirect you to the same app in play store. Now click the open button.

Using Dent is literally confusing for the first time so I strongly recommend you to see this video. I have explained clearly here.

Now the app gets opened and you should not touch anywhere in the screen until you get the alert like in the image below:

Once you see this page on your display, click on ” Join Now“.

Now all you need to do is fill the form and BOOM you are now into dent. Also you will get about 1000 bonus points for signing with my link.

Now go to your dashboard, and copy your referall link and repeat the same above process. But this time ask your friend to paste your link in the browser instead of clicking my link after installing app.

Keep sharing your link with all your friends and earn alot of points.

Redeeming a recharge card

First go to the “Marketplace” now you will see the points against each SIMCard name. This point is the number of points you need to recharge your number for Rs. 100.

If you have sufficient points in your account then simply click the Icon of SIM you are gonna recharge on.

Now click on “credit” and pay the dent and recharge your SIMCards.

That’s the easiest way to earn free recharge cards in Nepal.

If this doesn’t work for you, please see the video so you can get the clear idea of using it.

If you liked this tutorial, I know another way to earn same like this just by posting memes and chatting with friends.


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