The anonymous person named as @LKhyah has leaked data in public with website directing to the data. The whole data is stored in website . This attack has leaked the user data of almost 500 users.

At 10AM morning, hacker post with the link of website containing data.

He also claim that the government is responsible for this attack.

He also said that police are not respecting the journalists. They can’t even go out even if they’ve pass. According to him, police doesn’t care of the pass and punishes the journalists for going for reporting. Journalists were protesting for the act.

He tried to prove that government is responsible for this leaks. The action of government toward journalist make him to out the data

He said that he will again leak the bigger data in 7:30PM from same databases.

What type of data he exposed?

He has link a website in twitter. We can find data in website. There are 2 file in form of txt format.There are almost 500 people’s name with phone number.

All number are from smart cell. It looks like he is leaking data from smartcell database.

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