GadgetTrait is committed to provide it’s visitors with some cool budget friendly smartphones that fit quite well in their budget. In our previous post, we provided you guys with some amazing smartphones you can purchase under Rs. 15000 in any retailers shop.

But those were some lower level smartphones with low RAM, low internal storage, small processor and have lower functionality. But if you guys have some more budget then I strongly recommend you guys to go for higher devices with higher RAM, internal storage, speed and better processor.

Here,we are presenting top 75+ Smartphones that can be purchased under Rs. 30000 in Nepal.

Devices and thier price

Realme C2Rs.15,990(3+32GB)
Oppo A5sRs.15,990(2+32GB)
Alcatel 3Rs.15,999
Redmi 7Rs.15,999(3+32GB)
RealMe 3Rs.16,590(3+32GB)
Huawei Y6 Pro 2019Rs.16,790
OPPO A3s Rs.16,990(2+16GB)
Redmi Y3 Rs.16,999(3+32GB)
OPPO A5s Rs.17,590(3+32GB)
Vivo Y93 Rs.17,890
Vivo Y11 Rs.17,990
Honor 10 Lite Rs.17,999 (32GB)
Xiaomi Redmi Note 8 Rs.18,999(4/64GB)
Samsung Galaxy A20s Rs.18,899(3+32GB)
Realme 3 Rs.19,990(4+64GB)
Redmi Y3 Rs.19,999(4+64GB)
Samsung Galaxy A20s Rs.19,999 (4+64GB)
Redmi Note 7 Rs.19,999(3+332GB)
Honor 10 Lite Rs. 20,399 (64GB)
Alcatel 3 Rs.20,489
Huawei Y7 Pro 2019 Rs.20,490(3/64GB)
Realme 5 Rs.20,990(3+64GB)
Realme 5i Rs.20,990 (4+64GB)
Vivo Y12 Rs.20,990
Honor 8X Rs.21,999(64GB)
Realme 2 Pro Rs.25,499(4+64GB)
Oppo A5 2020 Rs. 22,990(3/64GB)
Oppo A5 2020 Rs.22,990(3+64GB)
Lava R5 Rs.22,999
Samsung Galaxy A30 Rs.23,899(4+64GB)
Realme 5 Rs.23,990(4/128GB)
Huawei Y7P Rs.23,990
Realme 5 Rs.23,990(4+128GB)
Nokia 7.2 Rs. 23,999
Xiaomi MI A3 Rs.23,999(4+64GB)
Nokia 7.2 Rs.23,999(4+64GB)
Xiaomi Redmi Note 7 Pro Rs. 23,999 (4/64GB)
Xiaomi Redmi Note 8 Rs. 23,999 (6/128GB)
Mi A3 Rs.23,999(4/64GB)
Vivo Y15 Rs.24,190
OPPO A3s Rs.24,590 (3+32GB)
Samsung Galaxy M30s Rs.24,899(4+64GB)
OPPO A7 Rs.24,990(4+64GB)
Redmi Note 7 Pro Rs. 24,999(6/64GB)
Vivo Y17 Rs.25,190
Oppo A5 2020 Rs.25,490(4+128GB)
Samsung Galaxy M40 Rs.25,999(6/1128GB)
Redmi Note 7 Pro Rs. 25,999 (6/128GB)
Samsung Galaxy M40 Rs. 25,999(6+128GB)
Redmi Note 7 Pro Rs.25,999(6+64GB)
Realme 5 Pro Rs.26,990 (4+128GB)
Samsung Galaxy A50 Rs.26,699(4/64GB)
Redmi Note 8 Pro Rs.26,999(6+64GB)
Samsung Galaxy A50 Rs.26,699 (4+64GB)
Samsung Galaxy A30s Rs.27,499(4+128GB)
Vivo Y19 Rs.27,990
Mi A3 Rs. 27,999(6/128GB)
Honor Play Rs.28,090
Vivo S1 Mini Rs.28,390(4+128)
Samsung Galaxy M30s Rs.28,699 (6+128GB)
Vivo S1 Rs.28,990(4/128GB)
Honor 9X Rs.28,990(128GB)
Huawei Y9 Prime 2019 Rs. 29,990 (4/64GB)
Oppo F11 Rs.29,990(4+128GB)
Redmi Note 8 Pro Rs.29,999(6+128GB)

My Review

If you have more sum of money and wanna buy a phone better than those above phones, you guys should feel free to check our post on “Top Phones In Nepal Under Rs. 50,000.”

Also check our blog on best Xiaomi phones in Nepal under Rs. 25000 in 2020. You can check here to buy phones online.

We don’t guarantee that all the information in the page are 100% sure. The price keep on changing with time. But if you find any wrong data, please mail or or comment to help us correcting it.


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