There are plenty of choices for you while buying an smartphone. May be you wanna go with Apple, Samsung, Huawei, Xiaomi, Realme, Colors, micromax or else one. It’s all upto you. These companies are continuously launching the flagships.

But what if your budget can’t afford the flagships? Have you thought about that? What is your budget? Well, GadgetTrait worries about that and we are going to point out some best phones from those above companies whose price will fit quite well in your budget.

Whenever you plan to buy a smartphone the minimum sum of money that you should have is always 10-15 K. Next important thing is that most of the smartphones purchases in Nepal is offline and very few people do this online.Almost more thsn 90% of smartphones are sold at retailer’s shop. And less than 10% are sold online by daraz and other online stores. So the prices, we will provide here is the retailers price.

Best Smartphones Under Rs. 15000 in Nepal

Here is the list of some cool smartphones in Nepal Under Rs. 15000(15K).

Smartphones and their price

Smartphones’s NamePrice (model)
Colors Pride 1 Rs.3,995
Colors Pride P20 Rs.4,345
Lava Iris 31 Rs.4,999
Colors Pride 1A Rs.5,585
Lava Iris 43 Rs.5,899
Lava Iris 45 Rs.6,299
Nokia C1 Rs.6,499
Lava Iris 61 Rs.6,799
Colors Pride 1E Rs.6,999
Redmi Go (8GB) Rs.7,499
Lava Iris 50c Rs.7,599
Redmi Go (16GB) Rs.7,999
Lava Iris 51 Rs.7,999
Lava Iris 54 Rs.7,999
Alcatel 1 Rs.8,249
Colors 1X Rs.8,495
Colors Pride 7s Rs.8,499
Lava Iris 65 Rs.8,999
Lava V+ 6 Prime Rs.9,999
Lava Benco V7 Rs.9,999
Colors Pride 5X Rs.9,999
Nokia 2.2 Rs.9,499(2+16GB)
Honor 7S Rs.10,890
Lava Iris 88 Rs.10,999
Honor 8s Rs.11,590
Huawei Y5 Lite Rs.11,990
Lava Iris 89 Rs.11,999
Redmi 8A Rs.11,999(2+32GB)
Nokia 2.3 Rs.11,999
Vivo Y90 Rs.12,590
Lava R5 Play Rs.12,799
Realme C1 Rs.12,990(2+16GB)
Realme C2 Rs.12,990(2+16GB)
Redmi 8A Rs.12,999(3+32GB)
Lava Benco V8 Rs.12,999
Huawei Y5 Pro 2019 Rs.13,490
Alcatel 1s Rs.13,499
Realme C2 Rs.13,500(2+32GB)
Honor 8A Rs.13,590
Vivo Y91c 2020 Rs.14,690
Huawei Y6s Rs.14,990
Lava R3 Note Rs.13,999
Alcatel 3x Rs.14,499
Lava R5v Rs.14,499
OPPO A1k Rs.14,790(2+32GB)

My Review

If you guys have more budget for your new smartphone we strongly recommend you to go with higher devices which you can find easily in our following posts:

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