Nepal has recently started to pave a path toward digital nepal. During this digitalisation, some companies starred the digitalisation in shopping too for which they came up with idea to online shopping. Spending hours choosing commodities in store and barkaining is really boring and time consuming. But going for online shopping in any websites is not safe too. They may scam you showing heavy discount and when you pay them in advance, they won’t deliver the products to you. So GadgetTrait has sort listed 10+ Top and trusted online stores of Nepal for your online shopping.



Daraz is a Chinese-owned online marketplace in Nepal which is located In Kathmandu valley and it represents itself as the no.1 e-commerce platform in Nepal with 13M likes in its official Facebook page. They ship items only for the minimum purchase of Rs. 1500.

You can easily get almost all varieties of goods in Daraz. You can find all types of clothes for male, female and kids too. It also supplies electronics gadgetss including mobile phones, TV, computer, shaver and trimmers and soon. Not only this, food materials including rice, noodles, oil etc are available here. You can also ship guitars, books, PUBG royal pass, Netflix subscription, apple store cards etc in this e-commerce platform. Additionally they shop, furnitures, baby care, tools, cosmetics and adult products too. Daraz has started delivering products in many places in Nepal which includes Kathmandu valley, Nepalgunj, Birgunj, Pokhara and recently started to ship in Rapti too.

It is providing cash on delivery option to its buyers and a bank discount of up to Rs. 500 on making bank payment from the banks like Nabil, Kumari, Sunrise, Sanima, NIC Asia, and Standard Chartered. The best part for people in Kathmandu is that, Daraz offers free delivery on making order above Rs. 1500 inside following paces:

  • Inside Ringroad
  • Lokanthali
  • Golfutar
  • Nakhu
  • Gaththaghar
  • Budhanilkantha
  • Bhainsepati
  • Sano Thimi
  • Mandikhatar
  • Harisiddhi
  • Thimi
  • Boudha & Jorpati
  • Sallaghari
  • Gongabu
  • Kamalbinayak
  • Nepaltar
  • Suryabinayak
  • Sitapaila

Daraz offers multiple platform for its clients to put orders. So you can easily get access to these products in Daraz’s website or through its app in Android and iOS platforms.


Sasto Deal

Sasto deal is the second leading e-commerce company in Nepal with 602K likes in its Facebook page. They only ship for minimum purchase of Rs. 1000.

Sasto deal supplies men,women and kid’s clothes,watches, shoes along with the electronic items,jewellery and beauty products. It also supplies kitchen appliances too. Beside these things the company is also providing personal hygiene products like sanitizers to support people during this covid-19 outbreak. You can purchase food items, laundry items, detergents and recharge cards. They also ship baby care, hair care, health care, feminine care, home care and oral care items.

Recently the company is delivering products to following places:

  • ICIMOD Area
  • Nakhu
  • Bhainsepati (till Awas gate)
  • Imadole (KIST Hospital / United College)
  • Nayabazar
  • Dhapakhel (till GEMS school)
  • Kalanki (till certain range)
  • Sitapaila
  • Dhobighat outside Ringroad (till Sunrise Tower)
  • Koteshwor (till Pepsicola)
  • Soltee Dobato
  • Hattiban (till LA College)
  • Baghdole
  • Nakhipot TU (till TU gate)

You are recommended to pickup your items and place an order through SastoDeal’s website. For any support you can contact them on their Facebook page.



HamroBazar has ranked no.3 in list of our e-commerce platform. As like Daraz and SastoDeal this e-commerce platform also provides really a wide range of products categories.

It ships automobiles, health and beauty products, books, computer and other electronic items including mobile phones. They provide pets and pet caring item to pet lovers. You can purchase sport and musical instruments. They also provide the tour and travel packages too.

You can place order by checking doing sign up to thier website.


Muncha is also an online shopping site that can be also provides service of money transferring. So you can easily send money and gifts to your loved ones in Nepal. And it has ranked no.4 with 218K likes on its Facebook page.

Talking about what muncha sells, we would like to address that muncha provides food items you need for breakfast, health oriented an beverages including wines too. You can gift kurtha, sari and electronic items to your friend and family here. They ship home decors, personalised gifts, playing cards and gift vouchers too. Beside these they sell baby products, fitness items, beauty products and clothings.

We recommend placing orders by choosing your loved items through their website.



Socheko located at Kamal Pokhari St, Kathmandu is also a reliable online shopping platform ranking no.5 with 133K likes on its Facebook page. It closes at 6pm in evening.

As like other shopping platforms it also supplies electronic gadgets like mobile phones, smart watch, laptops , earphones, earbuds, TV, refrigerator, geysers, trimmers, and soon. You can go for fashion shopping for men, women and kids including all your fancy wear, innerwear, shocks, shoes, handbags, spectacles, and couple wearing too.
They also ship sport items. Additionally, you can purchase automobiles like motorbikes from this platform.

You can place order through their website.

6.Durbar Mart

Durbar mart

Durbar Mart has provided another option for people loving online shopping. This e-commerce platform supplies products within Kathmandu valley for least purchase of items worth Rs. 1,000.

You can ship your daily essential items like food items, shampoo , soap, coffee, breakfast and sanitary pads for ladies.
They also ship kitchen appliances including cooker, rice-cooker, non-sticky induction cooker, jugs and roti maker.
Laundry items only includes the detergent and cloth and dish washing shops.

You can simply put order through thier website.



Thulo Pasal situated at Jwagal 10, Lalitpur 44700 provides 24hr service. They have maintained good no.of followers with 44K likes in facebook page.
They only ship for minimum purchase of NPR 1,000. Neglecting the Cash On Delivery service they completely rely on Digital Payments only with 3-5 day delivery time.

They provide you with your daily essential items like rice, cooking oil & ghee, sugar, spices, Pulses, Dal, flour and ata, nuts and other dry fruits. You can also purchase dairy products and tea, coofee and noodles are also available in this e-commerce platform.
You can order for toilet cleaner and oral care items. Air Freshners, detergents, dishwash, tissue papers sanitizers are also available products including body wash, face wash, body lotions and other cosmetics are available to buy.

You can put an order through thier website.



Gyapu is a recently established online shopping platform. You can put order for minimum amount of Rs. 1,000. Right now they are shipping only inside Kathmandu, Lalitpur, and Bhaktapur.  They provide delivery service with zero delivery charge and 24-hour service.

Like other online shopping platforms it also supplies food like rice, salt, flour, etc. and kitchen items includes induction cooker, rice-cooker, mixer. To support people during corona, they supply hygiene essential appliances including 4 layers KN95 Masks, and personal protective equipments. Baby products are also provided.

You can put an order through its website.



Gajabko, situated at Kumari Galli 2, Kathmandu 44600 is popular for its fancy items. It provides services only till 6 pm.

You can purchase really cool looking clothings for men, women and kids too.
You can also look for home essential items like mixer blender, juicer, stainless and induction cooking items. Rice-cooker, heater, potato peeler, slicer are common things in all. You can also gift designer purse, handbags, couple clothing, earrings, chains, rings and more others to your loved ones.

Putting order is simple, by visiting their website.

10. SmartDoko


SmartDoko one of the most popular e-commerce platform in Nepal providing wide range of variety in products. Currently, they have limited thier service inside Kathmandu valley only , with a minimum order purchase of items worth Rs. 1,000. They have free delivery service inside Ringroad Road only. The store gets closed by 6 pm.

They provide the electronic items like TV, refrigerator, mobile phones, laptops, computers and soon. Putting fashion as major niche, they are providing lots of men’s and women’s fancy wears. Not isolating from beauty and hygiene, this store provides us with items like body spray, lakme beauty cream, moisturisers, body lotions and other branded items. You can find some really attractive watches and other fancy items
For kids they are providing kids toys and other baby care products.

You can put an order through their website.

I am sure that you guys won’t forget to check these websites too.

  • Nimbus Bazar
  • Kirana
  • Dokoman
  • Bhakari
  • SalesBerry
  • Bhatbhateni


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